NI Science Festival

Members of the A-SAIL team were delighted to have had a hand in the NI Science Festival that took place between 19 February and 1 March this year. 

The Chief Executive of the IOP, the head of STFC, and a number of Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) attended the Grand Opening of the STFC’s 'Incredible power of light' roadshow on 19th February.

Staff and students from the School – including some of those involved in A-SAIL – assisted at the roadshow, which attracted in excess of 10,000 visitors.

Dr Brendan Dromey, leader of the Queen’s School of Maths and Physics team involved in the event described it as a ‘stunning’ performance, adding ‘I strongly believe that we have tapped a very rich vein for developing outreach and impact into the future’.

The School’s CPP laser display in the foyer of the Ulster Museum, featuring lasers, a smoke machine and plenty of popping balloons, attracted rapt attention from a range of school groups throughout the week.

25 February 2015