Vulcan run completes trio of experiments

Rutherford Appleton Labs, Oxfordshire

A series of experiments on the Vulcan laser at Rutherford Appleton Laboratories in Oxfordshire completes a trilogy of laser runs that, together, should shed new light on DNA damage in cells.

After a delayed start, the ASAIL team were able to achieve over thirty shots on target in RAL last month, reaching higher dose rates than in previous experiments.

Combined with two other runs this year – one in LULI, Paris, and one using the Taranis laser in Belfast – the team hopes to be able to compare three datasets showing the effects on the same cell model and end points, but at different intensities and with different oxygenation states.

The results are currently being analysed.  

The team will be returning to RAL for a longer run in the autumn.


1 July 2015