Success in Rome for A-SAIL student

Clare Scullion with her prize-winning poster in Rome

Clare Scullion, a PhD student on the A-SAIL team at Queen's has won another poster prize.

Her poster presentation, entitled Characterisation of proton and ion beam profiles from laser-ultrathin foil interactions, was selected by judges at the Fourth International Conference on Frontiers in Diagnostic Technologies in Rome, 30 March - 1 April 2016. Scullion was then invited to give a ten-minute presentation on the research to conference in the auditorium.

The aim of ICFDT is to bring together different scientific communities, covering areas including plasma physics, astrophysics, nuclear particle physics, accelerators, lasers, medical equipment and industrial applications, to discuss diagnostic measurements and technologies with a view to defining new strategies of common interest.

Scullion's work presented an overview of techniques used to characterise ion beams generated from the interaction of laser pulses with ultra-thin solid targets. Her work, focussing in particular on the structured nature of the beams and their multi-species composition, builds on a series of experiments, including those carried out at the STFC's Central Laser Facility last year.

This latest success completes a hat-trick of awards for posters presented by A-SAIL researchers (see also here and here).


12 April 2016