Queen's University Belfast

Prof Marco Borghesi

The programme’s principal investigator (PI), Prof Marco Borghesi is an internationally leading scientist with 20 years research experience in high-intensity laser-matter interactions, recently focused on the development of laser-driven ion sources, and pioneering their use in radiography and radiobiology. His extensive publication record includes 40 papers in Physical Review Letters (PRL) and 2 in Science.  His work has been presented so far in over 50 invited conference talks. He has been involved in several large programmes as co-investigator, which have helped establish a significant laser facility at QUB (TARANIS) and a major plasma group, the Centre for Plasma Physics (CPP).

He has held the “Abe” Visiting Chair at APRC-JAEA, Japan, 2008-2011, awarded to 5 scientists with outstanding achievements in ion acceleration, and currently holds a visiting post at the ELI Beamlines Institute, Institute of Physics, Prague. He is currently a member of the Science Board of the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC).

Prof Kevin Prise

Prof Kevin Prise is Professor of Radiation Biology and Deputy Director of the Centre for Cancer Research & Cell Biology at Queen's.

He has over 25 years' experience in Radiation Biology focused on fundamental mechanisms of radiation effects in cell and tissue models of relevance to low dose radiation risk and the use of advanced radiotherapies, including ion beams. He currently has a research portfolio that includes a 5-year programme grant from Cancer Research UK, as well as current and previous funding from cancer charities, MRC and EPSRC, EU and NIH. His recent US support (accessing NCI/Federal Share Funding) is a collaboration with the Clinical Physics and Radiation Biology teams at the Burr Proton Therapy Facility at MGH in Boston on Biological comparisons of Passive and Actively Scanned Proton Beams. He has extensive experience in management and participation in large EU consortia.

Prof Matt Zepf

Prof Matt Zepf is currently the Director of the Centre for Plasma Physics at QUB.

In addition, he holds a professorship at the University of Jena (Germany) and is co-director of the Helmholtz Institute Jena.  He has held a Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award (2005-2010), and significant EPSRC funding. He has broad expertise in high-field science and is an authority in harmonic generation and surface dynamics under ultraintense laser drive.  Prof Zepf’s work has resulted in 8 Articles in Nature/Nature Physics and 42 in PRL.  He has held visiting professorships at the University of Munich, TEI Crete and MPQ.  He is a chair of the Scientific Advisory board of ELI Beamlines (Cz).

Dr Satyabrata Kar

Dr Satyabrata Kar is currently a Lecturer in CPP, working in the area of ions and neutron generation using ultra-high intensity laser-plasma interactions.

Following his PhD he took up the position of Post Doctoral Research Assistant at Queen’s University in 2006.  He was awarded a career acceleration fellowship from EPSRC starting from 2012. 

He has broad expertise in experimental laser-plasma interaction and has co-written numerous papers that have appeared in international journals.  His work has covered, for example, spectral enhancement in the double pulse regime of laser proton acceleration; the experimental investigation of hole boring and light sail regimes of RPA by varying laser and target parameters; and modified Thomson spectrometer design for high energy, multispecies ion sources, among other issues.