Research Fellows & Graduate Students

A-SAIL research fellows and postgraduate students have the opportunity to engage in collaborative research in other institutions. Pictured: Hamad Ahmed on a visit to the Centre for Relativistic Laser Science in Korea

Research Fellows

Dr Pankaj Chaudhary, Queen's University Belfast

Dr Hamad Ahmed, Queen's University Belfast

Dr Domenico Doria, Queen's University Belfast

Dr George Hicks, Imperial College London 

Dr Ross Gray, University of Strathclyde

Dr Martin King, University of Strathclyde

Dr Graeme Scott, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

Graduate Students

Queen's University Belfast

Aaron Alejo

Deborah Gwynne

Prokopis Hadjisolomou

Carla Maiorino

Philip Martin

Kealan Naughton

Kathryn Polin 

Aideen Roddy 

Clare Scullion


University of Strathclyde

Nick Butler

Bruno Gonzalez-Izquierdo 

Harry Padda

Sam Williamson

Robbie Wilson


Imperial College London

Emma Jane Ditter 

Ollie Ettlinger


PhDs Awarded 2016

Haydn Powell, University of Strathclyde

Fiona Hanton, Queen's University Belfast