Prof. Paul McKenna has been an EPSRC Leadership Fellow since 2012, with strong expertise in laser-driven ion acceleration, fundamental laser-solid interactions and the physics of extreme intensities. His publications include 2 in Nature Physics, 1 in Science and 17 in PRL. Since 2009 he has held EPSRC grants totalling more than £2M as PI and a further £11M as co-I, and is a major user of RCUK high power laser facilities. He has directed an EPSRC-sponsored International Summer School (2011) on laser-plasma physics, is a member of the ELI-NP (Romania) project consortium, is on committees for several large international conferences (e.g. Laser-Optics-2012, ICOPS-2012) and was a co-Chair of the 2011 and 2013 SPIE international conferences on Medical Applications of Laser Generated Beams.  He is a member of the STFC-CLF High Power Laser Facility Access Panel and serves on referee boards of international research funding agencies, including DFG in Germany and ANR in France.