Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Sub-strand 4: Supply Chain Management and Logistics 

The effective management of the supply chain from farm to fork is recognised as a key strategic priority. Many food producers have already leveraged a competitive advantage by implementing the latest supply chain management practices, such as Just In Time (JIT) delivery, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), supplier partnering, lean production, and supplier involvement in new product development. As part of this trend, a number of leading food retailers and producers have begun to invest in improving the traceability and sustainability of their supply chains.

The ability to trace the origin and movement of food products from farm to fork along the supply chain has been associated with improvements in food safety, quality, legal compliance, cost and financial performance. So much so that many leading food producers have begun to implement traceability technology such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in order to improve their supply chain performance. In parallel with this trend, a number of retailers and food producers are also extending their sustainability practices from their internal operations, to the rest of the supply chain. Research suggests that implementing sustainability practices along the supply chain can lead to improvements in economic, social, and environmental performance.

The aims of Sub-strand 4 are:

  • To identify which factors encourage and restrict food producers from implementing traceability and sustainability practices along the supply chain;
  • To benchmark the supply chain traceability and sustainability practices currently being used within the food industry;
  • To identify the impact of these practices on the performance of food producers and their supply chains. This research will be closely linked to industrial partners within the food industry and to the developing supply chain research within ASSET, Queen’s University Management School, and universities in the Island of Ireland.

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