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Final Network Meeting December 2016

The Final meeting of the ATBEST consortium was hosted by Queen's University Belfast at their Riddel Hall, home to the Queen's University Management School and the William J Clinton Leadership Institute. 


Overview of the ATBEST project; Sam McCloskey, ATBEST Coordinator (QUB)

Genomic optimisation of hydrolysis in biogas production; Sílivia Carvalho (QUB)

Applications of biogas in chemical energy and liquid fuel production; Rawan Hakawati (QUB)

Combined H2S and CO2 removal process for upgrading biogas;Keren Rajavelu (UDE)

Digestate distribution for large biogas plants; storage and transportPaz Vilanova Plana (UDE)

Viscosity characteristics of CSTR biogas processes as affected by substrate composition; Luka Šafarič (LIU)

Novel technologies for integrated biogas separation and compressionJingxiao Liang (QUB)

Surplus electricity to biogas via hydrogenNikoletta Giantsiou (UDE)

Analysis of anaerobic fermentation process by online spectroscopic UV/Vis, NIR and MIR measurement; Robin Eccleston (TH Kӧln)

Synergies from co-digestion of grass silage with other feedstocksHimanshu (TEAGASC)

Biogas distribution concepts for the transportation sectorChristian Jenne (UDE)