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Network Meeting May 2016

The 5th meeting of the ATBEST consortium was hosted by TH Kӧln at their Gummersbach campus and :metabolon facility on May 10th and 11th 2016.  

Researcher presentions and posters

Work Package 2 - Feedstock Sustainability and Digestion

ESR 2.1: Sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment of feedstock digestion systemsMarkus Voelklein (UCC) (Poster)

ESR 2.2: Synergies from co-digestion of grass silage with other feedstocksHimanshu (TEAGASC) (Poster)

ESR 2.3: Viscosity characteristics of CSTR biogas processes as affected by substrate compositionLuka Šafaric (LIU) (Poster)


Work Package 3 – Process Monitoring

ESR 3.2: Analysis of anaerobic fermentation process by online spectroscopic UV/Vis, NIR and MIR measurementRobin Eccleston (CUAS) (Poster)


Work Package 4 – Biogas Upgrading and Supply

ESR 4.1: Combined H2S and CO2 removal process for upgrading biogasKeren Jenifer Rajavelu(UDE) (Poster)

ESR 4.2: Novel technologies for integrated biogas separation and compressionJing-Xiao Liang (QUB) (Poster)


Work Package 5 - Optimum Biogas Utilisation

ESR 5.1: Surplus electricity to biogas via hydrogenNikoletta Giantsiou (UDE) (Poster)

ESR 5.2: Micro-reforming of biogas for micro-combined heat and power generationFabio De Rosa (QUB) (Poster)

ESR 5.3: Biogas distribution concepts for the transportation sectorChristian Jenne (UDE) (Poster)

ESR 5.4: Applications of biogas in chemical energy and liquid fuel productionRawan Hakawati (QUB) (Poster)

ESR 5.6: Digestate distribution for large biogas plants; storage and transportPaz Vilanova Plana (UDE) (Poster)