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Network Meeting November 2015

The 4th meeting of the ATBEST consortium took place in Ireland in early November 2015. 

In addition to the progress meeting in Queen's University Belfast, where each of the fellows gave updates on their research, associate partner Cré also hosted a disemination event where Experienced Researcher Francesco Ometto from Scandinavian Biogas Fuels gave an overview of his research. 


Researcher presentions and posters

Work Package 2 - Feedstock Sustainability and Digestion

ESR 2.1: Sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment of feedstock digestion systemsMarkus Voelklein (UCC) (Poster)

ESR 2.2: Synergies from co-digestion of grass silage with other feedstocksHimanshu (TEAGASC) (Poster)

ESR 2.3: Viscosity characteristics of CSTR biogas processes as affected by substrate compositionLuka Šafaric (LIU) (Poster)

ER 2.4: Development of macroalgae as substrate for biogas productionFrancesco Ometto (SBF) (Poster)


Work Package 3 – Process Monitoring

ESR 3.1: Genomic optimisation of hydrolysis in biogas productionJoanna Grebosz (QUB) (Poster)

ESR 3.2: Analysis of anaerobic fermentation process by online spectroscopic UV/Vis, NIR and MIR measurementRobin Eccleston (CUAS) (Poster)


Work Package 4 – Biogas Upgrading and Supply

ESR 4.1: Combined H2S and CO2 removal process for upgrading biogasKeren Jenifer Rajavelu(UDE) (Poster)

ESR 4.2: Novel technologies for integrated biogas separation and compressionJing-Xiao Liang (QUB) (Poster)


Work Package 5 - Optimum Biogas Utilisation

ESR 5.1: Surplus electricity to biogas via hydrogenNikoletta Giantsiou (UDE) (Poster)

ESR 5.2: Micro-reforming of biogas for micro-combined heat and power generationFabio De Rosa (QUB) (Poster)

ESR 5.3: Biogas distribution concepts for the transportation sectorChristian Jenne (UDE) (Poster)

ESR 5.4: Applications of biogas in chemical energy and liquid fuel productionRawan Hakawati (QUB) (Poster)

ER 5.5: Developing strategies to facilitate integration of biogas into the existing  gas infrastructureLaura Gil Carrera (GNI) (Poster)

ESR 5.6: Digestate distribution for large biogas plants; storage and transportPaz Vilanova Plana (UDE) (Poster)