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Network Training - Overview


Summer School 1 – “Enhanced technologies for anaerobic digestion” - Germany, 30th June - 3rd July 2014

Technical training workshops: Digestion systems control and monitoring; digestate use; animal by-products; nutrient management ; this will be provided by academics from UDE, CUAS who have extensive knowledge in this area

Complementary skills training: Innovation skills development, e-learning platforms and interdisciplinary communication skills; provided by UDE who have   a specialised Department in Information Systems for Production and Operations Management

QUB Psychology Department will provide training in interdisciplinary and environmental communication which  is an area of their expertise


Summer School 2 – “Sustainable biogas generation and transport including carbon accounting” - Sweden, July 2015

Technical Training workshops: LIU, SBF and associated partner CTO will coordinate the delivery of workshops, presentations, site visits and breakout sessions in biogas upgrading, site planning and health and safety

Paper writing skills, hosted by Jerry Murphy (UCC) who has published widely on biogas and is on the International Energy Agency biogas task panel

Complementary skills training: IPR & Commercial awareness; This will be delivered in conjunction with representatives from the LIU and the Cleantech cluster CTO.


Summer School 3 – “Producing and using good quality digestate”. - N Ireland, July 2016

Technical Training workshops: Engine technology - provided at the Internal Combustion Engines Research Group at QUB; Electricity networks –provided by associated partners & external speaker

A results exploitation workshop with input from the QUB Knowledge Exploitation Unit and Intertrade Ireland to ensure that commercial outputs are capitalised upon.

Complementary skills training: Entrepreneurship & Quality Systems workshop will be delivered through QUB PostGrad skills programme (UK Entrepreneurial University of year)


International conference (3 days) - Sweden, September 2016

  • Each fellow will give a presentation of project results and the exploitable technology produced
  • Industrial presentations from associated partners and invited external speakers
  • Industrial participants will have networking sessions, trade stands and 1 to 1 meeting opportunities