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Teagasc is the agriculture and food development authority in Ireland. Its mission is to support science-based innovation in the agri-food sector and the broader bioeconomy that will underpin profitability, competitiveness and sustainability. Its annual research portfolio comprises some 300 research projects, carried out by 500 scientific and technical staff in our research centres throughout Ireland. The post-graduate fellowship programme supports more than 100 MSc and PhD students annually in the research centres. The TEA Post-doctoral fellowship scheme provides pre-employment support for high quality scientists, enhancing science and technology skills and strengthening TEA’s research capabilities and knowledge.

TEA expertise includes: designing and conducting experiments; writing papers for peer review journals; biology of anaerobic fermentation and methanogenesis; providing advice on feedstock production for farmers.

Technical expertise available to ATBEST fellows through TEA includes:

  • Animal & Grassland Research Group with laboratory bioreactors, gas analysis and a library of grass samples
  • Capability to produce specific crop silages, grass variety mixtures and supply samples to others