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Rob Eccleston


Robin Eccleston

Place of birth

Wirral, England


Master of Engineering (Hons) - Electrical Engineering and Electronics at the University of Liverpool

Relevant experience

  • Project Manager of research project to assess the condition of wood poles. Performed literature surveys and experimental testing, designed ultrasonic transducer prototype, devised moisture measurement technique, built prototype instrument to collect data. Wrote software to combine the data and create a tomographic reconstruction and presented results to industrial partners.
  • Performed research project to capture and analysis ultrasonic signals emitted during the degradation of insulation on high voltage assets for use identifying trends and predicting remaining service life.
  • Master’s project investigating the discrimination of different types and blends of oil. Used an RGB sensor to measure the absorption of light and interpreted the collected data for variations, allowing the differentiation of results.

Research interests

Use of computational intelligence and machine learning for interpretation of absorption spectra from online measurements. Simulation and optimisation of biogas control strategies.

Current research

Analysis of anaerobic fermentation process by online spectroscopic UV/Vis, NIR and MIR measurement.
Supervised by Prof. Dr. Michael Bongards and Dr. Christian Wolf.
Link to poster


Determination of fuel type from optical signatures (Master’s Thesis)

Interests/ hobbies

Hiking, mountain biking, travel, music, photography.