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Laura Gil Carrera


Laura Gil Carrera

Place of birth

León, Spain


PhD in Environmental Engineering, Universidad de León.
Masters Degree in Renewable Energies, Universidad de León.
Bachelor in Environmental Sciences, Environmental Technology, León.

Relevant experience

PhD thesis “Municipal wastewater treatment in MECs”.
Guest researcher at Biotechnology Research Institute- National Research Council of Canada on scaling-up of microbial electrolysis cells for wastewater treatment and hydrogen production.
Master’s thesis “Domestic wastewater treatment & hydrogen production in a semi-pilot microbial electrolysis cell”.
Research internship at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew for Environmental Chemistry. Research on the dormancy strategy of polymorphic seeds of Capsella bursa pastoris.

Research interests

Biogas Injection into gas grid for commercial use and transport. Process integration and sustainable systems such as AD and BES. Cost-effective and green processes for treating waste and wastewater and biogas production.

Current research

Developing strategies to facilitate integration of biogas into the existing gas infrastructure.
Supervised by Ian Kilgallon, Bord Gais Networks

Link to poster


Reduced energy consumption during low strength domestic wastewater treatment in a semi-pilot tubular microbial electrolysis cell. Gil-Carrera, L., Escapa, A., Moreno, R., Morán, A., 2013. J. Environmental Management. 122, 1-7.
Microbial electrolysis cell scale-up for combined wastewater treatment and hydrogen production. Gil-Carrera, L., Escapa, A., Mehta, P., Santoyo, G., Guiot, S.R., Morán, A., Tartakovsky, B., 2013. Bioresource Technology 130, 584-591.
Performance of a semi-pilot tubular microbial electrolysis cell (MEC) under several hydraulic retention times and applied voltages. Gil-Carrera, L., Escapa, A., Carracedo, B., Morán, A., Gómez, X., 2013, Bioresour. Technol.
Performance of a continuous flow microbial electrolysis cell (MEC) fed with domestic wastewater. Escapa, A., Gil-Carrera, L., García, V., Morán, A., 2012. Bioresource Technology. 55-56-62.
Optimizing the electrode size and arrangement in a microbial electrolysis cell, Gil-Carrera, L., Mehta, P., Escapa, A., Morán, A., García, V., Guiot, S.R., Tartakovsky, B., 2011. Bioresource. Technology. 102, 9593-9598.

Interests/ hobbies

Travelling, hiking, cycling