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Jing-xiao Liang

Jing-xiao (Leanne) Liang


Jing-xiao Liang

Place of birth

Hebei, China


Bachelor chemistry, University of LangFang Normal

Master Chemistry, Beijing Institute of Technology

Relevant experience

School of Chemical Engineering and the Environment,  BIT Beijing, China

Research Assistant, research into “The Effect of Methane Steam Reforming Catalyst in the Fuel Cell” and “Synthesis of hollow calcium carbonate microsphere by Heterogeneous catalysis”

Research interests

Ionic liquids & heterogeneous catalysis for CO2 removing

Current research

Novel technologies for integrated biogas separation and compression
Supervised by Prof David Rooney, QUB
Link to poster


The review of CO2 separation technologies from  biogas (processing)

Interests/ hobbies

Touring, running , swimming