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Keren Jenifer Rajavelu

Keren Jenifer Rajavelu


Keren Jenifer Rajavelu

Place of Birth

Vellore, India


Bachelor of technology in Biotechnology, Karunya University, India

Dissertation: Identification of defective gene in Huntington syndrome using Agarose gel electrophoresis and QPCR

Masters of Technology in Energy Engineering, National institute of technology, Trichy, India

Dissertation: Decolourisation of Textile wastewater using Microalgae using FTIR and HPLC and study of Influence of biomass using Mathematical Modelling (Response surface methodology)

Relevant experience

Worked as Research fellow on “Energy analysis on rice products and its grinder machines”, “Energy loss in flue gas “ at Central Food Technological Research Institute,  Federal Government, CSIR India.
ATBEST summer School at University of Duisburg, Essen “Enhanced Technologies for anaerobic Digestion”

Research interests

Biogas upgrading and energy efficient techniques in Biogas utilization

Current research

Combined CO2 and H2S removal for biogas upgrade
Supervised by Prof. Dr. Martin Denecke
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Interests/ Hobbies

Interested in public talks, Gospel choir, painting and sculpture