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Nikoletta Giantsiou

Nikoletta Giantsiou


Nikoletta Giantsiou

Place of birth

Athens, Greece


Bachelor in Chemistry, AristotleUniversity of Thessaloniki, Greece

Dissertation: Molecular imprinted polymers – Application in chromatography columns (HPLC) and solid phase extraction (SPE).  

Master in Environmental Engineering & Science, DemocritusUniversity of Thrace,  Greece

Thesis: Anaerobic digestion of cheese whey wastewater through a two stage system – Laboratory and full scale implementation

Relevant experience

Socrates - Erasmus placement in University of Pardubice (CZ) - Master’s thesis.

Sustainable Engineering Ltd., Athens, Greece - Research and Development

ATBEST summer school at University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany – ‘Enhanced technologies for anaerobic digestion’

Research interests

Developing and applying technologies for the exploitation of the biomass contained in organic wastes - Hydrogen utilization

Current research

Surplus electricity to biogas via hydrogen, Supervised by Prof. Dr. – Ing. Renatus Widmann, Dr. – Ing. Thorsten Mietzel, Dr. – Ing. Sebastian Schmuck
Link to poster


Biogas production from cheese whey wastewater: Laboratory and full-scale studies; Water Sci. & Technol., 69 (6), p.p.1320-1325, doi: 10.2166/wst.2014.029

Molecular imprinting of natural flavonoid antioxidants: Application in solid-phase extraction for the sample pretreatment of natural product prior to HPLC analysis, J. Sep. Sci., 29, pp. 2310 – 2321, doi: 10.1002/jssc.200500492

Interests/ hobbies

Travelling, Cycling