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Technical Work Packages

ATBEST provides training to young researchers through 14 inter-related research projects delivered via 4 Technical Work Packages (WPs) as follows:

Scientific and Technical Objectives, feeding into four technical work-packages (Supervisors)

WP2-Optimise digestion processes using sustainable feedstocks  (2.1 Murphy, 2.2 O’Kiely, 2.3 Svensson, 2.4 Ejlertsson)

WP3-Develop improved monitoring and control of digestion (especially at industrial scale) (3.1 Larkin, 3.2 Bongards)

WP4-Develop means of improving the efficiency of upgrading biogas (4.1 Widmann, 4.2 Rooney)

WP5-Assess sustainable strategic options for biogas utilisation in heating, electricity and transport fuel (5.1 Widmann, , 5.2 Gouget, 5.3 Noche, 5.4 McCullough, 5.5 Greene, 5.6 Bachthaler)