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WP3 Monitoring

Work-Package 3: Process monitoring  

WP Leader: CUAS   Other Partners: QUB



Project title

Host institution

ESR 3.1


Genomic optimisation of hydrolysis in biogas production


ESR 3.2


Analysis of anaerobic fermentation process by online spectroscopic UV/Vis, NIR and MIR-measurement.


Objectives: Efficient control of anaerobic digesters through improved understanding and measurement of the process microbial ecology and biochemistry.

Novel Aspects: Identification of key organisms responsible for efficient performance. Development of rapid, robust, commercially viable, DNA based methods to monitor and model microbial populations. Development of an online-measurement system.

Synergy and Collaboration: Both QUB and CUAS have strong experience in microbial biochemistry at both the cellular and community level. Experience of microbial interactions and analysis of complex data from population dynamics will be exchanged.

Common tasks include adding to real-time process knowledge of the underlying biochemistry and microbiology, design of robust measurement and monitoring processes.

 Risks and contingency: There is a risk that the complexity of anaerobic digestion processes and diversity of feedstocks will lead to a difficulty in developing control systems applicable to all situations. The partners will address this by focussing on the most common digestion systems and if necessary will characterise the issues with alternative processes.

Private Sector role: Accurate and real time modelling of biogas plants will enable operators to maximise biogas production.  This will be of particular importance to plant operators such as associated partners EG, GREEN, AGRIAD, BWE and B9OEL who will provide samples and secondment opportunities to all fellows.

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