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WP4 Upgrading

Work-Package 4: Biogas upgrading and supply

WP Leader: QUB     Other Partners: UDE



Project title

Host institution

ESR 4.1


Combined H2S and CO2 removal processes for upgrading bio-gas. 


ESR 4.2


Novel technologies for integrated biogas separation and compression


Objectives: This work-package will develop new processes for the efficient upgrading of biogas.

Novel Aspects: Development of an efficient method for upgrading biogas andan integrated process for cleaning and compression,

Synergy and Collaboration: Both partners in WP 4 are focussed on biogas upgrading and have expertise in the characterisation and exploitation of new chemicals, materials and integrated processes. QUB and UDE will liaise to improve understanding of processes to measure and improve biogas upgrading performance.

Common tasks will include assessment of process performance with biogas samples and in the presence of various contaminants, development of the most effective means of field deployment, designing of test units for industrially produced biogas samples.

Risks and contingency:  This work-package involves the use of novel chemicals and processess at laboratory scale. Before their full-scale application, significant challenges of scalability, cost and robustness must be overcome. Researchers will work with industrial participants and partners with LCA and process up-scaling expertise (UCC/UDE/QUB) to ensure the developed processes are exploitable.

Private Sector role: More efficient and sustainable upgrading technologies will provide greater business opportunities for companies involved in transportation, rural energy production, gas transmission technology, e.g. associated partners EG, BWE, DMT  and companies represented by CRE. Affordable, scalable biogas upgrading will improve the economic feasibility of small scale farm-based anaerobic digestion assisting the business of AGRIAD.

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Technical Work Packages