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WP5 Utilisation

Work-Package 5: Optimum biogas utilisation  

WP Leader: UDE     Other Partners: UDE, QUB, BGE



Project title

Host institution

ESR 5.1


Surplus electricity to biogas via hydrogen.


ESR 5.2


Micro-reforming of biogas for micro-combined heat and power generation


ESR 5.3


Biogas distribution concepts for the transportation sector


ESR 5.4


Applications of biogas in chemical energy storage and liquid fuel production


ER 5.5


Developing strategies to facilitate the integration of biogas into the existing gas infrastructure


ESR 5.6


Digestate distribution for large biogas plants; storage and transport. 


Objectives: (1)Develop sustainable means of (a) utilising biogas (b) storing energy as biogas (or liquid derivatives). (2)Develop models for the most sustainable and efficient options for supply, distribution and utilisation of biogas.

Novel Aspects Development of a new system to catalytically produce hydrogen from biogas and to use it efficiently in a fuel cell for electricity and heat production (>60% efficiency compared to <44% in conventional biogas engines). Definition of guidelines for the optimal distribution of biogas in transport sector. Production of economic and ecological viability statement to advance the strategy for increasing European infrastructure support for biogas as a transport fuel. Definition of guidelines for energy storage and use of excess electricity to process biogas for energy storage. Development of calculations and models to assist policy and technology road-mapping. Technical and logistical requirements to enable greater biogas production in Ireland and distribution via the existing network.

Synergy and Collaboration: Significant complementary expertise in logistics and chemical engineering. Common tasks will include assessment of options for biogas utilisation. All partners will collaborate to define the most sustainable technologies for biogas utilisation. UDE will work closely with UCC to ensure a common approach and practical boundaries for the respective LCA projects. Projects 5.1 and 5.4 are focussed on energy storage and will exchange data and expertise. Risks and contingency: Potential biogas uses will be evaluated according to their energy efficiency and sustainability criteria. Significant variation may exist in the options to exploit these uses. Partners will work with each other, biogas industry associations, policy makers and regulators to devise the most appropriate options.

Private Sector role: More efficient use of the energy and greater options in energy storage, biogas companies will be of particular relevance to private sector associated partners DMT, GREEN, WIS, BWE and B9OEL. BGE will investigate commercial possibilities for enabling greater biogas production in Ireland and distribution via the existing gas network.


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