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The ATBEST consortium meets every 6 months to discuss the progress of all 14 research projects. When available, download links to the presentations and posters delivered at these meetings will be posted below. 

The ATBEST team will also disseminate research results through attendance and conferences and meetings, and by publishing articles in scientific and trade journals, as well as tradition media outlets such as newspapers. Where possible, these outputs will be uploaded on linked to on this page. 

‌ATBEST meetings - presentations and posters

May 2014 Network Meeting, Queen's University Belfast - fellow presentations and posters

November 2014 Network Meeting, University College Cork - fellow presentations and posters

November 2014 ATBEST Industry Day, River Lee Hotel, Corkpresentations and posters

May 2015 Network Meeting, University of Duisburg-Essen - presentations and posters

November 2015 Network Meeting, Queen's University Belfast - presentations and posters 

May 2016 Network Meeting, TH Kӧln - presentations and posters

September 2016 ATBEST Conference: Biogas for the Future - Towards a sustainable and efficient supply chain, Linkӧping, Sweden - full proceedings

December 2016 Network meeting - presentations 

ATBEST Outreach Pack - a summary of each individual ATBEST research project


External presentations, posters and articles

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Introduction to the ATBEST Research Project; Simon Murray (QUB) Cré ADNI 2013, Armagh City Hotel 16 October 2013


Prospects and opportunities for Biogas and Autogas-driven vehicles; Christian Jenne (UDE) Progress in Biogas III 10-11 September 2014 - Poster and Presentation

Digesting Sea Lettuce: why our bioenergy isn't booming; Maria Delaney, Irish Times 9th October 2014 - contributions from Jerry Murphy (UCC), Ian Kilgallon (Bord Gáis/Gas Networks Ireland) and Simon Murray (QUB)

Biogas as an alternative fuel solution in transportation sector; Christian Jenne (UDE) Environmental & Energy Management March/April 2015


MIR spectroscopy for monitoring of AD processes - Prospects and ChallengesChristian Wolf and Rob Eccleston (CUAS), 2nd conference on "Monitoring & process of anaerobic digestion plants" March 17-18, 2015, Leipzig

Off-Grid biomethane mobile solution: Investigation on upgrading & stograge mobileunits and centralized injection facility; Laura-Gil Carrera (GNI) - Abstract and Poster presentation at Regatec 2015, May 7-8 2015 Barcelona, Spain

Outreach event with students from Leibniz University Hannover; Christian Jenne and Paz Vilanova Plana (UDE) - Presentation (in German) 

ATBEST Marie-Curie ITN; Simon Murray (QUB), ReNEW Demonstration Event 19th June 2015, Belfast

ATBEST Marie-Curie ITN; Simon Murray (QUB), Centre for Advanced Sustainable Energy - The ShowCASE Event, September 23rd September, Riddel Hall, QUB

Objective orientated logistic concepts with the view of LNG trans-shipment centres through application consideration of Industry 4.0; Christian Jenne & Bernd Noche (UDE); 11. Fachkolloquium Logistik, Universität Duisburg-Essen, Tagungsband, WTGL 1st October 2015; pp 303-311 ISBN: 978-3-00-050736-6

Mobile biomethane storage solutions for centralised anaerobic digestion plants and landfill sites; Christian Jenne (UDE), Laura Gil-Carrera (GNI) & Bernd Noche (UDE); 14th World Congress on Anaerobic Digestion, Viña Del Mar, Chile


Assessment of increasing loading rate on two-stage digestion of food waste; M.A. Voelklein, A. Jacob, R. O'Shea, J.D. Murphy; Bioresource Technology, Volume 202, February 2016, Pages 172-180

BioGac biogas handbook and guide; Christian Jenne (UDE; Co-author); Trans-European Network (TEN-T) Umeå, Sweden

Biogas as a partial solution for energy shortages within a European gas grid infrastructure; Christian Jenne & Bernd Noche (UDE); 14. Symposium Energieinnovation, 10-12.02.206 Graz, Austria, pp 123-124 ISBN: 987-3-85125-447-1 

Increased loading rates and specific methane yield facilitated by digesting grass sliage at thrermophilic rather than mesophilic temperatures; M.A. Voelklein, D. Dusmanis, J.D. Murphy; Bioresource Technology, Volume 216, February 2016, Pages 486-493

Mid infrared spectroscopy for monitoring of AD processes - Prospects and Challenges; Robin Eccleston, Christian Wolf, Matthias Balsam, Franziska Schulte, Michael Bongards, Astrid Rehorek; Chemical Engineering & Technology, Volume 39, April 2016, Pages 627-636

‌Increase of Transportation Efficiencies and Emission Reduction within a City in Smart Cities as a Solution for Reducing Urban Waste and Pollution; C. Jenne (book chapter); IGI Global, pp. 91 - 124, ISBN: 978 1522 5030 26, Pennsylvania/USA 

Logistical opportunities for importing Liquefied Natural Gas to Europe; Christian Jenne, Thomas Kranzioch, Bernd Noche; WEENTECH Proceedings in Energy (Volume 3) - ICEEE 2016, International Conference on Energy, Environment and Economics, 16th - 18th August 2016, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, U.K. 

A review of the current digestate distribution models: storage and transport; Paz Vilanova Pland & Bernd Noche; WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment, Volume 202, 2016, pp 345 - 357

Advanced Technologies and Novel Solutions for a Competitive and Sustainable European Biogas Sector; Francesco Ometto and Simon Murray; Research*EU results magazine No. 58, December 2016-January 2017 pp 25-26


Role of trace elements in single and two-stage digestion of food waste at high organic loading rates; M.A. Voelklein, R. O'Shea, A. Jacob, J.D. Murphy; Energy, Volume 121, February 2017, Pages 185-192

Inclusion of Saccharina latissima in conventional anaerobic digestion systems; F. Ometto, A. Berg, A. Bjorn, L. Safaric, B.H. Svensson, A. Karsson & J. Ejlertsson; Environmental Technology Article In Press - available online

Factors controlling headspace pressure in a manual nanometric BMP method can be used to produce a methane output comparable to AMPTS; H. Himanshu, M.A. Voelklein, J.D. Murphy, J. Grant, P. O'Kiely; Bioresource Technology, Volume 238, August 2017, Pages 633-642

What is the most energy efficient route for biogas utilization: heat, electricity or transport? Rawan Hakawati, Beatrice M. Smyth, Geoffrey McCullough, Fabio De Rosa, David Rooney; Applied Energy, Volume 206, November 2017

Multi-criteria approach to optimal mixed reforming of biogas (poster presentation - abstract here); F. De Rosa, A. Goguet, D. Rooney, B. Smyth & G. McCullough; EUROPACAT 2017, Florence, Italy; 27-31 August 2017


Antagonistic effects on biogas and methane output when co-digesting cattle and pig slurries with grass silage in in vitrobatch anaerobic digestion; H. Himanshu, J.D. Murphy, J. Grant, P. O'Kiely; Biomass and Bioenergy; Volume 109, February 2018, Pages 190-198

Synergies from co-digesting grass or clover silages with cattle slurry in in vitro batch anaerobic digestion; H. Himanshu, H. Himanshu, J.D. Murphy, J. Grant, P. O'Kiely; Renewable Energy; Volume 127, November 2018, Pages 474-480

Measuring Biogas Composition with a Compact Microelectromechanical System-Based Spectrometer; Robin Eccleston & Michael Bongards; Chemical Engineering & Technology; Volume 41, Issue 4 , Pages 680-686

Using multi-criteria and thermodynamic analysis to optimize process parameters for mixed reforming of biogas; F. De Rosa, B.M. Smyth, G. McCullough & A. Goguet; International Journal of Hydrogen Energy; Volume 43, Issue 41, October 2018, Pages 18801-18813

Substrate and operational conditions as regulators of fluid properties in full-scale continuous stirred-tank biogas reactors – implications for rheology-driven power requirements; Annika Björn, Luka Šafarič, Anna Karlsson, Åsa Danielsson, Jörgen Ejlertsson, Bo H. Svensson, Sepehr Shakeri Yekta; Water Science & Technology; Volume 78, Issue 4, 2018, Pages 814-826

Dynamics of a Perturbed Microbial Community during Thermophilic Anaerobic Digestion of Chemically Defined Soluble Organic CompoundsLuka Šafarič, Sepehr Shakeri Yekta,Tong LiuBo H. SvenssonAnna SchnürerDavid Bastviken & Annika Björn; Microorganisms; Volume 6, Issue 4 (105), December 2018

Impacts of characteristics of grass silage and cattle slurry feedstocks on the cost of methane production; Himanshu Himanshu, Jerry D. Murphy, James J. Lenehan & Padraig O'Kiely; Biofuels, Bioproducts & Biorefining; Volume 13, Issue 1 


Biological methanation: Strategies for in-situ and ex-situ upgrading in anaerobic digestion; M.A. Voelklein, Davis Rusmanis & J.D. Murphy; Applied Energy, Volume 235, 2019, Pages 1061 - 1071

Feasibility study of an off-grid biomethane mobile solution for agri-waste; Laura Gil-Carrera, James D. Browne, Ian Kilgallon & Jerry D. Murphy; Applied Energy, Volume 239, 2019, Pages 471-481

Is the Fischer-Tropsch Conversion of Biogas-Derived Syngas to Liquid Fuels Feasible at Atmospheric Pressure?; Rawan Hakawati, Beatrice Smyth, Helen Daly, Geoff McCullough & David Rooney; Energies 2019, 12(6), 1031

Anaerobic digester fluid rheology and process efficiency - Interactions of substrate composition, trace element availability, and microbial activity; Luka Safaric, PhD Thesis, Linkoping University, 2019