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ATWARM - Cranfield University Projects & Supervisors

2 research projects will be executed at Cranfield University.

The project titles plus names and expertise of the supervisors, as well as links to the School/ Department homepage, are listed:

ESR2.6 – Integrated process for biogas production from algal biomass

Dr Raffaella Villa


Applied microbiology, anaerobic digestion, waste to energy, value-added products from waste.

Expertise covers waste/by-product biotransformation, applied biocatalysis, microbial fermentation, anaerobic digestion, application of novel biocatalysts and screening for new microbial transformations.

Some of the waste material under study: fats, oils and grease in sewers and traps, glycerol from biodiesel production, algal and lignocellulosic waste.

ESR2.7 – Delivering low carbon anaerobic wastewater treatment and renewable energy production

Dr Elise Cartmell


Anaerobic full-flow treatment and sludge disintegration technologies to improve biogas production for nutrient removal.

Removal of endocrine disrupting compounds in biological wastewater treatment processes.