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ATWARM - University of Duisburg-Essen Projects & Supervisors

2 research projects will be executed at University of Duisburg-Essen.

The project titles plus names and professional expertise of the supervisors, as well as links to the School/ Department homepage, are listed:

ESR 2.4 – Nutrient removal in wastewater using algae and fibre optics as a source of light

Prof Dr -Ing Renatus Widmann

Urban Water and Waste Management (Chair)


Biological waste treatment, biogas generating systems, fuel cells for biogas utilisation, biological oxidazion of methane in cover liner systems, ecobalances, life cycle assessment, sewage treatment, immobilisation of waste, biosensor systems, kinetics of biological degradation, modelling of degradation.

In past years, the Department of Urban Water and Waste Management has worked in the fields of:

  • Finite element simulation of biological conversion processes in landfills
  • Biological methane and hydrogen production by dark fermentation
  • Life cycle analysis
  • Waste water treatment with algae.

Dr –Ing Thorsten Mietzel

Urban Water & Waste Management

Increase in efficiency on waste water treatment plants, Life cycle assessment, Biogas generation, conversion of electricity to methane, storm water treatment.


ESR 2.5 – Priority substances in activated sludge: incidence, accumulation, source tracking emitter identification and prevention strategies

Prof Dr Hans-Curt Flemming

Biofilm Centre, Aquatic Biofilm (Chair)


Microorganisms including pathogens in water systems; biofilms; molecular biological techniques.

Long-term experience with microbiological issues in water systems, including water supply, industrial water systems, cooling water systems, production water (e.g. paper mills).

Related topics: anti-fouling strategies, nutrient removal, fouling sensors, self-cleaning surfaces, zero-biocide strategies. Bio-corrosion.