ATWARM will be implemented and managed through the coordination of 6 Work Packages, 32 Milestones and 30 Deliverables.

Project progress will be reviewed on a regular basis, through informal project team meetings - between the Supervisor and Fellow - and the bi-annual Network Meetings and Supervisory Board meetings, scheduled to occur every 6 months.

Management Group

  • Project Coordinator (Dr Wilson McGarel)

  • Project Manager

  • Project Administrator

The Management Group at QUB is responsible for the day-to-day issues of the network and for implementing the decisions made by the Supervisory Board.

The Management Group will be responsible for

  1. Delivery of all project reports (technical and financial) to the EC,
  2. Networking, communication and dissemination of ATWARM activities within and outside the ITN,
  3. Overall organisation and coordination of ATWARM events and summer schools,
  4. Ensuring a high standard of performance and achievement by the ATWARM ESRs and ERs.

A ‘Kick-off Meeting’, regular Network meetings (every 6 months) and a final project meeting will be delivered by the Management Group.


Dr Wilson McGarel

The Project Coordinator will Chair the Management Group and will have overall responsibility for the ATWARM ITN and for ensuring that it is managed in a fair and equitable manner.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is composed of the Scientist-in-Charge of each Partner, 2 Marie Curie Fellows (6 monthly rotation), 1 QUESTOR industrial member (6 monthly rotation), the ATWARM Project Manager and Coordinator.

The Supervisory Board will take important decision-making roles to ensure positive completion of the ATWARM tasks.


This is the main point of contact at each institute for the Coordinator and Management Group.

The Scientist-in-Charge will sit on the project Supervisory Board and will participate in the decision-making processes for the project. They will also review project progress and development of the Marie Curie Fellows through realisation of Personal Development Plans.


Scientist-in-Charge at the Partner Sites
 PartnerLead Scientist 
1, Queen's Univerity Belfast  Mike Larkin
2, Dublin City Univeristy  Dermot Diamond/ Declan Moran
3, University of Duisburg-Essen  Michael Eisinger
4, IWW Water Centre  Ursula Telgheder
5, Cranfield University  Raffaella Villa
6, NI Water  Sam Irwin
7, TE Laboratories  Mark Bowkett