Success Through Architecture


What is Success Through Architecture

A series of joint staff and student research projects exploring and communicating the many definitions and outcomes of success through study, career choice, using, creating, practicing and researching architecture.     


What is its purpose?

  • Research and present the wide variety of potential careers possible through architecture
  • Provide role models to those studying architecture
  • To help those who studied architecture reflect on their unique position 
  • Build a stronger connection between academia and the world around it – for mutual benefit.
  • Inform student choice and the direction of Architecture at Queen’s University Belfast



All Queen’s University final year undergraduate (Part 1) and first year postgraduate (Part 2) students formed groups to work with 35 participants from business and practice, the arts and education, all of whom had studied architecture.  The groups and participants have explored a set of questions allowing comparison between participants.  Later in the year participants will discuss the students own work.  A portrait by Alan Jones of each participant in their choice of context creates a database of the lives of those who have studied architecture.


- What made you study architecture? What do you do now? 

- How would you define success in your current role / career?

- What makes you get out of bed in the morning? 

- How and where did you study architecture?

- Have you gone on to study other subjects / areas after architecture?

- Describe your career path – was it by chance or was it planned?

 -Where do you place yourself in terms of practice, research and teaching?


Findings to be published March 2015