Marc Tracey

Early Implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Architectural Firms: The development of a contractual framework for the Integrated Design Team

The UK Government’s BIM mandate requires fully collaborative 3D BIM by 2016.  It is therefore vital for architectural practices to have the ability to not only fully implement BIM, but also develop novel BIM techniques to expand existing and penetrate new markets. To address this aim, BIM integration is essential.  There is a distinct opportunity to meet government targets through the development of BIM protocol and implementation strategies for Northern Ireland based architectural firms. In the current economic climate, where a mix of concern about competitiveness, efficiency and the rapid development of information systems and technology, an opportunity exists for the development of knowledge and expertise in an architectural context. BIM is a primary concern for all stakeholders in the construction industry, and those companies willing to lead the development and implementation of collaborative systems will reap the rewards. The results will be of significant interest to industry and to academia through the mass adoption of BIM tools and techniques, not just in the architectural remit, but also to engineering and construction disciplines alike. Through the integration of both industry and academic partners, this project illustrates the breadth and depth of applicative knowledge than can be disseminated and applied within the field of BIM.

Dr. John Spillane, Dr. Debra Philips and Dr. James Lim