Michael Curran

Urban Development and Effective External Stakeholder Management

With the continuous population influx into urban centres, there is a need to redevelop and modernise often dilapidated and neglected environments to sustain and encourage future growth and development. In order to accommodate and encourage the growth and expansion of these urban centres, it is essential to coordinate and manage the various environmental, social and economic factors, both in the construction but also the management of the various processes involved in the development of an inherently complex and diverse urban environment. To accommodate the development of urban centres, it is essential to manage and coordinate the construction and development of the various infrastructure requirements, paying particular attention to the management of the numerous external stakeholders that can have a positive or negative effect of the overall success of a project. Research on the effective management of the construction and coordination of this environment are scant, with authors failing to delve into the topic in detail, thus failing to identify and address the plethora of issues that prevail in such an environment. To address this issue and to fulfil a succinct but prevalent gap in knowledge, it is essential to acknowledge, address and provide results based on the actuality of events that emerge when constructing in such environments.

Dr. John Spillane and Ron Coates