Tara Brooks

Motivation of the Project Management Team in Confined Construction Site Environments: Critical Success Factors in achieving Zero Defects

With the continued population influx into urban centers, confined site construction is quickly becoming the norm. However, with the increase in construction activity in such environments, there come the difficulties in managing the project teams. One of the leading on-site issues within the construction industry is the cost; both financial and to the project schedule, of rework due to defects. The construction industry is heavily based on social interactions with various internal stakeholders with the aim of successfully delivering a project as prescribed. However, during this process, the subject of defects comes to the fore. As project managers and their management team are best placed to manage such interactions, with a view to mitigate and ultimately eliminate such defects, it is essential to identify the critical success factors in doing so. Hence, the aim of this proposal is to identify and document the critical motivational success factors of the project management team in achieving zero defects in confined construction site environments.

Dr. John Spillane, Dr. Marina Marinelli & Dr. Ashwini Konanahalli