Biospheric Greenhouse
Our research addresses the issues of architectural and urban design in an increasingly globalised world, where factors such as sustainability and climate change, identity and heritage, and notions of craft and form create a complex context that architecture has to mediate.

Architecture at Queens defines research in both an idealistic and a pragmatic way: we value research by the following criteria:

[1] Innovation

[2] Rigour

[3] Societal impact

[4] Applicability for submission for the REF


All research in Architecture concerns itself with the idea of ‘design’ and making – the fundamental processes of the profession.  This process is manifest in three different ways:

Research by Design - this is the use of design as a tool to create scenarios for futures testing;

Research in Design - this is research into design intent as a process from concept to construction (includes project management)

Research about Design - which is a study of the extant through historical or urban studies 


Architecture at Queens supports each research methodology equally and support is given on a qualitative assessment of the above criteria [1..4].   Because of this, Architecture has built its research themes around the scale and focus of the work rather than the methodology of research.  This creates multi-methodological clusters, that create synergies in specific areas of research.

We focus on three diverse research areas:

Urbanism, Sustainability and Heritage

Materiality, Design and Practice

Construction and Project Management 

These are investigated with the above processes of research.

This creates an interdisciplinary synergy with other specialisms, such as Planning, Civil and Structural Engineering, Geography, Sonic Arts and Education. 

(image: biosphere, see staff research Gregg Keeffe)