Spaces of Liberation


Spaces of Liberations: Interdisciplinary Collaborative Project

Spaces of Liberation is a research collaboration initiative that involves research centres and institutions from Europe, North America and the Middle East and aims to study, investigate and analyse the changing socio-spatial practices and dynamics of urban squares in the contemporary city in light of the extensive revolts and protests that not only emerged in the Arab cities of Cairo, Tunis and Sana’a and Damascus during the Arab Spring but also appeared in Madrid, Athens, and Rome in addition to the riots in England over the summer of 2011, and Anti-nuclear Protests in Tokyo. Our team includes Dr. Mohamed Gamal Abdelmonem and Dr. Gehan Selim.

Spaces of Liberation team leads research projects of inter-disciplinary nature that involve topics in Urban Studies, Architecture, Social Sciences, Political sciences, Psychology, Media Studies. This research endeavour helps to define new forms of urban space that no longer represent the mere venue of social-political sphere, but become the venue for everyday democratic practices of liberty, spatial & virtual communications, cultural exchange and negotiation of ideology and political position. It tries to monitor the negotiation between liberal values and public views from one side and the traditional democratic/ none-democratic state institutions.

Studies connected to Spaces of Liberation include, funded research projects, PGR/ PhD Degrees, and MSc in Urban Studies, Architecture, Specialist seminars, Workshops and training programmes. Our partners include: Manchester Architecture Research Centre (MARC), The University of Manchester; The British University in Egypt (BUE), Egypt; The University of California, Berkeley, USA; and University College London.


Project Team:

Principal Investigator: Dr. Mohamed Gamal Abdelmonem

Co- Investigators: Dr. Gehan Selim

Project Value: Variable; (Several grants; overall: £20,822)

Project Duration: May 2012 – July 2016


For further details on the project news, conferences and activities, visit our dedicated website: