Urbanism, Sustainability and Heritage


This theme concerns itself with the city and its constituent parts. 

Typical work here is developed particularly using Research by design and Research about design methodologies.  Research by design particularly focuses on the sustainable city and the idea of the productive neighbourhood, typified by Prof Greg Keeffe’s FP7 Grant ‘CityZEN’ with TU Delft and Amsterdam City Council, or Sarah Lappin’s Sound City work with Sonic Arts. 

In Research about Design, the work is more historically focused, looking at building type or urban context, this includes traditional historical research such as Agustina Matire’s work on Waterfronts, as well as more contemporary analyses of the use of extant form in ‘Cities of Liberation’ where M Gamal Abdelmomen and Gehan Selim focus on the politics of transformative socio-spatial practices in the city, or Gul Kacmaz Erk’s cinematic analyses of the city


‌(Image : Buenos Aires Waterfront, see staff research Agustina Martire