Tanner, Amy

Part-time student

Year of Entry: 2015

Email: atanner01@qub.ac.uk

Thesis Title: Using A Parent Coaching Intervention to Treat Autism Symptoms in Infants

Summary of Research: This research explores a parent-coaching intervention with infants who are showing early behavioral symptoms of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The intervention consists of parent-coaching sessions which focus on using typical parent-infant routines such as mealtimes, diaper-changes and play to teach pivotal imitation, joint attention and verbal behaviour skills. A systematic literature review on early indicators of ASD in infants and the current screening and diagnostic tools available to detect ASD early in childhood is also part of the research, aiming to identify a set of reliable indicators and tools to detect these. Implications of this research will be discussed in terms of benefits and limitations to a parent-coaching intervention model, scalability, cost-benefit analysis and diagnostic outcomes for infants who participate in the intervention. 

Research Centre: Centre for Behaviour Analysis 

Supervisors: Dr Katerina Dounavi; Dr Karola Dillenburger