DOCTRID lV 2015 Videos

The 4th International DOCTRID conference took place at Queen’s University Belfast on April 27th and 28th. The aim of the conference was to create a better understanding between researchers, caregivers, healthcare providers and people with ID and ASD to bring practical changes to people's lives, in particular through the use of Assistive Technology.  Only Monday April 27th was videoed for the programme click here speakers Presentations below and News exert (from 8.00min) here


Christy Lynch Part 1:

Christy Lynch Part 2 (Respondents):

Dr Jennifer Clegg Part 1:

Dr Jennifer Clegg Part 2 (Respondents):

Prof Bernard Dan:

Prof Bernard Dan Part 2 (Respondents):

Dr Gerald Craddock Part 1:

Dr Gerald Craddock Part 2 (Respondents):