Autism in the Air

In collaboration with City Airport, Aer Lingus, and PEAT we are helping children with autism to go on holidays. Going on an airplane can be a difficult and scary time for children with autism. Families of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), like anyone else, would like to go on holidays, but often don’t because their child cannot tolerate airports or airplanes. Given that recent estimates show a prevalence of ASD in 1:50 children, not only do the families miss out, airports and the holiday industry in general miss out too.

We are producing a video and booklet to help families prepare for going to the airport, on the plane, and generally have a positive experience of the airport. We are planning to organise preparatory visits that allow children with ASD to visit the airport prior to the holidays to get used to all the processes, noises, smells, and sounds etc. We will have access to a stationary airplane to allow the children to get used to sitting in the plane, buckling up, etc. The visits will be timed at a relatively quite time in the airport and the process will be guided and supported by behaviour analysts. 

Click the links below to access the videos.

1. Arriving at the Airport

2. Going through security

3. The Departure Lounge

4. On the Plane

Our Autism in the Air project is going global!

The videos are being translated into Arabic and will be available soon in airports right across United Arab Emirates.  "The project is almost nearing completion! The voice over is done and it sounds super. Huge thanks to you for letting us have the videos, Of course thanks to Michelle [Kelly] for the introductions and all the support at ECAE!  "This has been such a nice collaborative project between Autism Support Network, Emirates College for Advanced Education, New York University-Abu Dhabi and [Centre for Behaviour Analysis at QUB]!  "It is gratifying to see how such collaborations can bring about positive solutions for our children on the Autism Spectrum all around the world.  Thank you once again!  Translation by Michelle Kelly Emirates College for Advanced Education and students 

Contact Details:

Nipa Bhuptani BCaBA
Autism and ABA Consultant
Regional Associate - Competent Learner Model
Founder - Autism Support Network - Abu Dhabi
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