Needs and rights of carers

Needs and rights of carers: Carers Northern Ireland, in collaboration with the Centre for Behaviour Analysis, were commissioned by the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission to provide an evidence base identifying the needs of carers for adults and assessing how current law, policy, practice and procedures respect the needs and rights of carers. The purpose of the project are to identify the specific needs of carers of adults and the challenges they face; to increase the evidence base within the Commission on the issues faced by carers of adults and how effective relevant laws, policies, practices and procedures are in supporting the carers of adults; to identify the potential implications of any proposed reform of relevant laws, policies, procedures and practices on carers of adults; and to identify unmet needs and develop recommendations for amendments to both existing and proposed law, policy, practice and procedure pertaining to carers of adults to ensure full protection of their rights and those receiving their care.

Link to Carers UK website   and NIHRC website