Previous Seminars and Events

Previous Seminars and Events

Details of our previous seminars and events are listed below:


CCRCB Seminars 2016-17
26/05/2017 Dr Cristina Branco University of Cambridge Host physiology and compliance with cancer dissemination: factoring cells, isoforms and time
18/05/2017 Dr Colin Adrain IGC, Lisbon, Portugal Regulation of the ADAM17 pathway during inflammation, growth factor signaling and metabolism
04/05/2017 Professor Padraic Fallon Trinity College Dublin Translating the atopy march: a tail of mice and men
28/04/2017 Professor Jim Johnston Fusion Antibodies Ltd Bugs, BiTEs, viruses and vaccines; novel approaches to cancer therapy
27/04/2017 Professor Vlad Popovici Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic Case studies in tissue-based proxy biomarkers
30/03/2017 Dr Fiona Frame University of York Tumour heterogeneity and therapy resistance   - implications for future treatments of prostate cancer
23/03/2017 Professor Corrado Santocanale NUI Galway DNA replication, chemical genetics and cellular responses to CDC7 kinase inhibitors
08/03/2017 Kirk Mundy Senior Director, Woldwide Clinical Marketing.  Mitra Biotech, Inc. Powerful Predictions for Truly Personalized Cancer Care
02/03/2017 Dr Claudio Isella

University of Torino, Italy

Dissecting the colorectal transcriptome: stromal components and epithelial subtypes associated with prognosis and response to treatment

02/02/2017 Dr Amaya Viros

University of Manchester

Melanoma gene-environment interactions and personalised care

26/01/2017 Dr Crispin Miller

University of Manchester

Big data, gene networks, and oncogenic meta-drivers reveal the single-cell origins of cancer

19/01/2017 Dr Nick Cross

University of Southampton

Genetic complexity in myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPN)"
01/12/2016 Professor Ciaran Morrison

NUI Galway

Centrosome proteins involved in ciliogenesis and DNA damage response
23/11/16 Dr Ester Hammond

CR-UK /MRC Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology, University of Oxford

Hypoxia-induced replication stress: causes, consequences and opportunities
 10/11/16  Dr Alessio Ciulli University of Dundee Drugging VHL with small molecules: chemical probes of hypoxia signalling and E3 ligase ligands for targeted protein degradation
20/10/2016 Dr Gary Newton Domainex Facilitating Academic Discovery: The Discovery of Der p 1 Inhibitors for treatment of Asthma
19/10/2016 Professor Corinne Faivre-Finn Christie Hospital & University of Manchester The management of lung cancer with radiotherapy: current standards of care and the imperative for change


*CRUK Seminar

Professor Ruth Plummer Newcastle University Taking cancer drugs into the clinic - pitfalls and eventual success
 CRUK Centre Lectures 2009 - 2016
2016 Professor Ruth Plummer Northern Institute for Cancer Research, Newcastle University Taking cancer drugs into the clinic – pitfalls and eventual success
2015 Professor Richard Marais CRUK Manchester Institute Precision Medicine in Melanoma
2014 Professor Bob Brown Imperial College London Epigenetic drivers of the cancer patient journey through the epigenome landscape
2013 Professor Laura Machesky Beatson Institute for Cancer Research Role of the actin bundling protein fascin in pancreatic cancer invasion and metastasis 
2012 Dr Jason Carroll Cambridge Research Institute Understanding Estrogen Receptor Transcription in Breast Cancer
2011 Professor Steve Jackson The Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge Cellular responses to DNA damage: From molecular insights to new approaches for cancer therapy
2011 Dr Andrew Tutt Director, Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Unit, Kings College London Targeting the DNA Damage Response in Triple Negative Breast: Platinums and PARPS - An Update
2010 Professor Mariano Barbacid Director, Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas (CNIO), Madrid, Spain Targeting K-Ras signalling pathways in cancer
2009 Professor Karen Vousden Beatson Institute for Cancer Research Functions of the p53 tumour suppressor protein in the regulation of metabolism and invasion

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