Belfast ECMC

Wellcome-Wolffson building


Belfast Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre

In 2009 CCRCB was awarded Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre status by Cancer Research UK.

The Belfast Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC) is jointly funded by Cancer Research UK and the Public Health Agency (Research and Development Division) in Northern Ireland.  It is one of  a network of 18 Centres that are supporting some of the best science and experimental therapeutics at the forefront of cancer research in the UK.  It aims to act as an efficient and effective network that will assist in the delivery of early phase cancer studies between research partners to enable faster and more personalised patient benefit.

Belfast has GLP-standard core facilities providing expertise in clinical pharmacology, biological resources, genomics, bio-imaging and tissue pathology. Belfast also has expertise in multi-gene assays for patient stratification, biomarker-stratified studies and is part of the Northern Ireland Biobank.

The Belfast ECMC aims to:
  • advance the discovery and implementation of novel biomarkers;
  • identify and validate novel targets for therapeutic intervention;
  • develop a comprehensive radiation oncology translational research programme;
  • prioritise patient recruitment to innovative clinical trials;
  • contribute fully to the development in the UK of a world-class ECMC network. 

For further information please visit the ECMC website.



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