Children's Rights-Based Research

The children’s rights-based approach to research applied in the Centre for Children’s Rights is based on a methodology developed by Laura Lundy and Lesley Emerson. A summary of this is provided below, based on two central publications which discuss the approach more fully:

Lundy, L. and McEvoy (Emerson), L. (2012) ‘Childhood, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and Research: what constitutes a rights-based approach’ in M. Freeman (ed.) Law and Childhood Oxford: Oxford University Press pp.75-91

Lundy, L. and McEvoy (Emerson), L. (2012) Children’s rights and research processes: assisting children to (in)formed views, Childhood 19(1) pp.116-129

Children’s Rights-Based Approach to Research

A Rights-Based Approach to Children’s Participation in Research

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