Child-Participatory Budgeting

Title: Child-Participatory Budgeting: a global review of good practice
Description: The Centre for Children's Rights is working with Plan International to conduct a global review of good practice for involving children and young people in participatory budgeting processes. This study examines the enabling factors for child participation at all levels (national, sub-national, municipal, local) and at any stage (planning, allocating, distributing, reporting/evaluating and/or auditing) of budgetary decision-making. The review includes an online survey (conducted in English, French and Spanish) of those who have knowledge or experience of such processes and qualitative focus groups and interviews with children, young people and adults involved in regionally diverse case study initiatives.
Research Team: Prof Laura Lundy, Dr Chelsea Marshall, Dr Karen Orr, Dr Lucy Royal-Dawson
Funder: Plan International (Sweden)
Duration: February-August 2016 (7 months)

Please feel free to contact Chelsea Marshall ( or tel: 9097 5939), with any questions.

Child Participatory Budgeting Survey

Budgétisation participative des Enfants

Los procesos de presupuesto participativo con niños, niñas y jóvenes