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The term "monographia" is derived from the Greek 'mono' (single) and grapho (to write), meaning "writing on a single subject". Unlike a textbook, which surveys the state of knowledge in a field, the main purpose of a monograph is to present primary research and original scholarship. This research is presented at length, distinguishing a monograph from an article. For these reasons, publication of a monograph is commonly regarded as vital for career progression in many academic disciplines. Intended for other researchers and bought primarily by libraries, monographs are generally published as individual volumes in a short print run.

BooksDigitisation of books, manuscripts and pictures is bringing to light a wealth of information that may have laid undiscovered. On-line resources provide the lecturer and researcher with new content to share and explore. New online libraries are being created by pooling digital resources from many source libraries. Digital access to fragile materials reduces management and handling and enables the original to be preserved. Pressures on prime storage space can be eased once the material has been digitised.

The Centre for Data Digitisation and Analysis specialises in the digital capture of images and texts from a range of document types. Using high-end scanning equipment, state-of-the-art workflow software and with extensive staff experience, preservation quality digital files are generated.

Documents suitable for digitisation

  • Books
  • Journals
  • Magazines
  • Ledgers
  • Charts
  • Maps
  • Manuscripts
  • Photographs

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