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You know your image dimensions - Use this calculator to work out the file size for each image.  All you need to have handy are the pixel dimensions of the image.

Enter the width, height of the photo/page then select the DPI followed by colculate the results
Photo/Page Width: Inches
Photo/Page Height: Centimeters
Select the DPI setting of the Scanner



Image Width: Pixels
Image Height: Pixels

Approx file size for uncompressed TIFF format

24-bit MB
Approx file size for compressed JPEG format

Anything between MB

and MB


TIFF files are limited to 4 GB (4,096 MB) because the TIFF format uses 32-bit internal pointers.

The file size will vary depending on many factors - the amount of compression you choose; the contents of the image and how detailed it is. The lower the file size, the more compressed and the lower the quality of the image.