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What is Crowd Sourcing?  Crowd Sourcing as a practice is a relatively new method of fulfilling goals or providing services by appealing to interested publics.  This is an alternative to the traditional method of relying on paid employees and instead draws upon the collective knowledge and resources of a much broader demographic.

In order to crowdsource on-line specific digital architecture is required, e.g. storage, coding to structure and design the expandable model, protecting ownership of the image. 

Designing a crowdsourcing website is a relatively complex endeavour which requires a sound knowledge of web standards, compliance with the relevant legislation and also experiences in IT design.  Whilst there are CMS templates available for flat websites for example Word Press site which facilitate basic information hosting and a limited template, crowdsourcing sites provide much more flexibility, a scope for diverse application and space to develop new models to support digital research. 

For example, some of our recent projects involved the design of a crowd sourcing sites.

www.DearMrsPennyman.comDeference Heritage Site

          Dear Mrs Pennyman                  Defence Heritage Project             Shankill Area Social History

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