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News Archive 2006-2008


Special issue of Journal of Borderland Studies

After successfully hosting the 2006 Conference of the Association for Borderlands Studies (ABS), a Special Issue of the Journal of Borderlands Studies has been published under the editorship of Liam O'Dowd and Seán L'Estrange. Entitled 'Structures and Narratives of Border Change: Perspectives from Europe, North America and the Middle East', the issue marks the increased ties between North American and European scholars and is the first issue of the now triennial JBS.

CIBR and ABS join Forces to Create Unique Resource for Borders Scholars

CIBR and the Association for Borderlands Studies (ABS) have have joined forces to compile an extensive bibliography of work on state borders, border regions, borderlands, cross-border co-operation and transnational governance. At present it includes over 1,000 items and will be regularly updated to make it a unique and valuable resources to students and scholars alike. Click here to access this CIBR-ABS Borders Bibliography.


CIBR Members Share in £3.2 million ESRC Grant to Study Divided Cities

CIBR researchers have been awarded a £1.1 million grant to study divided world cities including Belfast as part of a five-year £3.2 million grant awarded by the Economic and Social Research Council. Entitled Conflict in Cities and the Contested State: Everyday Life and the Possibilities of Transformation in Belfast, Jerusalem and Other Divided Cities, the Queens' team led by Professor Liam O'Dowd, School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work, and James Anderson, Emeritus Professor of Political Geography, share a multi-disciplinary project that also involves the universities of Cambridge and Exeter.

'The Border' on RTÉ 1

CIBR member, Cathal McCall has completed his documentary on the Irish border which was broadcast on Tuesday 4th of September at 10.30pm on RTÉ 1 Television.

'Talking Borders' online

CIBR has made available a series of talks on specific borders across the world. Called Talking Borders, this series forms the basis of an audio archive on borders that is envisaged to include not only talks by scholars and specialists but also talks and interviews with people most directly afftected by the operation of borders and the consequences of border disputes.

The series so far comprises 16 different talks recorded and collected by Oxford based artist Simon James which he kindly donated to CIBR.


New Research on Irish Cross-Border Relationships

Professor John Coakley of the Department of Politics, University College Dublin and Professor Liam O'Dowd of the School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work, Queen's University Belfast have edited a new book on Irish cross-border relationships entitled Crossing The Border: New Relationships Between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland (Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 2007).

The book stems from the Mapping Frontiers, Plotting Pathways: Routes to Cooperation on a Divided Island cross-border research project, and includes a detailed examination of key aspects of cross-border co-operation as well as cross-border island-wide relationships between the two Irish jurisdictions.

Working Papers and ancilliary papers arising from the project are now available online.


International Borders Conference at CIBR

The 2006 Conference of the Association for Borderlands Studies (ABS) was organised by CIBR and held at Queen's Univeristy Belfast between the 23rd and 25th of June 2006.

New Journal for Cross-Border Studies in Ireland

On March 7th 2006, the Centre for Cross Border Studies (Armagh) launched the Journal for Cross-Border Studies in Ireland. Edited by Andy Pollak, the first issue contains the following articles:

'The Future of Cross-Border Co-operation: Issues of Sustainability' – Liam O’Dowd
'Is Cross-Border Co-operation Working? Some Lessons from Border Ireland' – Eoin Magennis, Patricia Clarke and Joe Shiels
'Educational Co-operation on the Island of Ireland: Are the Good Years Ending?' – Andy Pollak
'Cross-Border Health Co-operation: From Optimism to Realism' – Patricia Clarke and Jim Jamison
'“Ad Hoc” Regionalism: Managing Growth through Spatial Planning – Learning from the American Experience' – Francois Vigier, John Driscoll and Christa Lee-Chuvala.