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Hastings Donnan

Recent Select Publications

Donnan, H. (2008) 'Identity and Victimhood among Northern Ireland Border Protestants'.  In M. Busteed, F. Nealand, J. Tonge (eds.), Irish Protestant Identities.  Manchester: Manchester University Press, 235-46.

Donnan, H. and K. Simpson (2007)' Silence and Violence Among Northern Ireland Border Protestants'. Ethnos 72 (1), pp.5-28.

Donnan, H. (2007) 'Bordering Europe'.  In Paul Bauer and Mathilde Darley (Eds), Borders of the European Union: Strategies of Crossing and Resistance.  Prague: Centre français de recherche en sciences sociales, pp.15-19.

Donnan, H. and K. Simpson (2006) 'Changing Relationships in the Irish Borderlands',  Anthropology in Action, vol.13 (1-2), pp.69-77.