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CIBR Working Papers

CIBR's Working Papers Series in Border Studies has been in existence since 2001 and welcomes papers of up to 8,000 words on any topic of international borders-related research for refereed online publication. As a true working papers series, this offers prospective authors the following advantages:

  • Publication of work in progress where authors retain copyright of their work and are to free to use it in other published formats elsewhere after online publication.
  • Dissemination of research work to a wide potential readership courtesy of general access via the web without subscription. (Recent analyses of website 'hits' and downloads indicate an impressive range of potential readers spanning all sections of the globe.)
  • Constructive feedback on work in progress by acknowledged experts mindful of the status of submissions as work in progress and oriented towards assisting the process of scholarship through the review process.

CIBR is particularly interested in submissions in areas related to the interests of CIBR members: anthropology, economics, geography, history, law, politics, and sociology.

Contributors should seek to present their material in a form that is accessible to a broad social science and humanities readership.

For the list of CIBR working papers (under summarised titles) and to download each in pdf format, please use the links below:

CIBR/WP26 Özgecan Kesici - Territory and the Kazakh Nation:
CIBR/WP25 John Agnew - Balkan Borders
CIBR/WP24 William Allen - Security Practices at Kenya-Uganda Boundary
CIBR/WP23 Dorte Andersen - Practice & iscourse on the Slovenian-Croatian Border
CIBR/WP22 Alexander Horstmann - Thailand-Myanmar Border
CIBR/WP21 Debidatta Aurobinda Mahapatra - Contested Borders of Kashmir
CIBR/WP20 Bohdana Dimitrovova - European Neighbourhood Policy
CIBR/WP19 Xabier Itçaina - 3rd sector Cross-Border Coop in the Basque Country
CIBR/WP18 Jaume Castan Pinos - Building Fortress Europe?
CIBR/WP17 Debbie Lisle - Encounters with Partition
CIBR/WP16 Xavier Ferrer Gallardo - Framing a Process of Rebordering
CIBR/WP15 James Anderson - Borders, fixes & empires
CIBR/WP14 Cathal McCall - EU Approach to Threat & Insecurity
CIBR/WP13 Jonathan Tonge - The EU & the Irish Border
CIBR/WP12 Kyoko Kusakabe & Zin Mar Oor - Gender & Power at Burmese Border
CIBR/WP11 J.Anderson & I.Shuttleworth -Theorising State Borders in Capitalism
CIBR/WP10 Katy Hayward - Europeanisation of Ireland's Borders
CIBR/WP9 John Agnew - Myth of a Borderless World
CIBR/WP8 Fiona Gill - Identities in a Scottish Borders Community
CIBR/WP7 Alexander Horstmann - Reworking Citizenship at Thailand-Malaysia
CIBR/WP6 Zoe Bray - Boundaries & Identities on Franco-Spanish Frontier
CIBR/WP5 Teresa Connor - Perceptions of Place in a Borderzone, Mozambique
CIBR/WP4 Alejandro Grimson - Conflict & Agency in Uruguaiana & Paso..Libres
CIBR/WP3 Gastón Gordillo - Borders&Aboriginal Utopias, Argentinean Chaco
CIBR/WP2 James Anderson - Theorizing State Borders
CIBR/WP1 Diego Escolar - Indigenous Identities on Argentine-Chilean Border