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'Mapping Frontiers' working papers

Mapping Frontiers, Crossing Borders was a two-year collaborative project (2004-2006) commissioned by the Higher Education Authority in the Republic of Ireland and funded through the European Union Programme for Peace and Reconciliation ('Peace II'). The project consisted of three parts:

* Borders and their consequences: a comparative perspective (including attention to Korea, Vietnam, Germany, Cyprus, Sri Lanka, Tyrol, Alsace-Lorraine, Schleswig)
* The Irish border as a social divide, focusing on the political and administrative background and interchanges and transactions in the social, economic and cultural fields;
* Pathways for promoting cross-border contact, co-operation and mutual understanding: mapping efforts to promote cross-border co-operation since the 1980s; under arrangements arising from the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement; indicative in-depth studies to probe different forms of cross-border co-operation

The project generated a series of Working Papers and Ancilliary Papers that are available below (listed under shortened headings) in pdf format using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

MF/01 Coakley & O'Dowd - The Irish Border & North-South Cooperation
MF/02 K.Rankin - The Creation & Consolidation of the Irish Border
MF/03 Anderson & O'Dowd - Imperial Disintegration & Irish Border Creation
MF/04 Henderson & Teague - Cross-Border Economic Cooperation in Tourism
MF/05 O'Dowd & McCall - Cross-Border Dimension for Promoting Peace
MF/06 Coakley, Ó Caoindealbháin & Wilson - N/S Implementation Bodies
MF/07 S.Roper - Cross-Border & Local Cooperation: Economic perspective
MF/08 J.Todd- Typology of Attitudes Towards Irish Border
MF/09 A.Pollak - Educational Cooperation on Island of Ireland
MF/10 C. Ó Gráda & B.M.Walsh - Did (and Does) The Irish Border Matter?
MF/11 O'Dowd, McCall & Damkat - Sustaining Cross-Border Cooperation
MF/12 K.Howard - Diasporas and Ambiguous Homelands
MF/13 Magennis, Clarke, Shiels - Funding Support For Cross-Border Cooperation
MF/14 A.Cividin - Cross-Border Cooperation in Northwest Region
MF/15 E.Meehan - Borders and Employment: Opportunities and Barriers
MF/16 K.Howard -Revisiting Heslinga's 'The Irish Border as a Cultural Divide'
MF/17 K.J.Rankin - Theoretical Concepts of Partition & the Partitioning of Ire
MF/18 B. Ó Caoindealbháin -Citizenship & Borders: Irish Nationality Law & NI
MF/19 K.Hayward - Newspapers' Portrayals of Borders in the North-West of Ireland
MF/20 K.Howard - Continuity & Change in a Partitioned Civil Society
MF/21 K.Howard - Territorial Politics and Irish Cycling
MF/22 J.Bradley - An Island Economy or Island Economies?
MF/23 J.Bradley - Industrial Development in Ireland, North & South
MF/24 J.Anderson - Questioning the Effects of State Borders & Identities
MF/25 M.Kennedy - North-South Cooperation on the Erne Hyrdo-Electric Scheme
MF/27 B.O'Leary -Analysing Partition: Definition, Classification & Explanation
MF/28 B.O'Leary - Debating Partitions: Justifications & Critiques
MF/A01 E.Tannam - Neo-Functionalism Revisited in Ireland
MF/A02 Rankin & Schofield - Historiography of Classical Boundary Terminology
MF/A03 Coakley - Ethnic Conflict & the Two-State Solution
MF/A04 Bertie Ahern - Future of North-South Cooperation
MF/A05 T.O'Connor - North/South Ministerial Council & North-South Bodies
MF/A06 P.Smyth - North-South Cooperation Since the Agreement
MF/A07 Coakley - The Future of the North-South Bodies