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Other Research Projects

2003 - O’Dowd, L. (with C.McCall) From Peace I to Peace II: EU-sponsored Third Sector Co-operation across the Irish Border (Funder: Third Sector Programme of Royal Irish Academy, value: €45,000).

2002-5 - Wilson, T. M. European Union Fifth Framework Support Grant [Project acronym EUBORDCONF], to support a three year research project in Northern Ireland, on policy-makers and conflict resolution at the Northern Ireland border, as part of a six-country comparative project, on The European Union and Border Conflict: The Impact of Integration and Association. Coordinators of the Ireland research: Dr. Antje Wiener and Dr. Thomas M. Wilson [Project funding share, Northern Ireland, €90,000, out of a Total Project Fund of €990,000. Project Director: Dr. Thomas Diez, University of Birmingham].

2001-3 - Donnan, H. Sports Council of Northern Ireland, £77,000 to work on border crossing sports migrants and their impact on sport in Northern Ireland

2001 - Wilson, T. M. Leverhulme Research Fellowship, (Reference RF&G/7/RFG/2000/0323), to support one year field research on Europeanization at the Northern Ireland Border.

2001 - Wilson, T. M. The British Academy Research Grant [Reference SG-31933], for project Europeanization in the Northern Ireland Borderlands, May to December 2001.

2001 Wilson, T. M. The Rockefeller Foundation Humanities Fellowship, Program on Sociocultural Research on MERCOSUR, awarded by the Institute of Social and Economic Development, Buenos Aires, Argentina, May to June 2001.

1997-2001 Donnan, H. European Union, Framework Four, €315,000 to work on borders and social exclusion, with universities of Aegean, Lisbon, Trieste, Corsica and Malaga, 1997 to June 2001

2000 Svašek, M. Dynamics of Politics and Emotions in Border Areas: Discourses of 'home' and 'homeland' among migrants and expellees.

2000 Svašek, M. Property, Power and Politics: Changing Property Relations in West Bohemia.

1997-1999 Svašek, M. Post-doctoral research in the Czech Republic and Germany entitled Social Differentiation, Euregional Integration, and the Impact of Globalising Forces on Identity Formation in the Czech-German Euregion Egrensis.