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A local border crossing point along the Hungarian-Austrian border. This road turned to be a crucial shortcut for Hungarians after the free borders agreement (Schengen agreement) for they can approach another Hungarian town through this Austrian through-road
The 1956 Memorial Park on the Hungarian-Austrian border. Following the breakdown of the Hungarian uprising and revolution, thousands fled to the West from the Soviet invasion. The spot is a tourist attraction: military watchtowers and statues remind the later generations of the communist terror
The crossborder Naturpark has been a pioneer initiative along the Hungarian-Austrian border to open up natural regions for the public with free exploration at the foot of the Alps
The spot where the Iron Curtain was opened for the first time on 19th of August 1989, near the Hungarian town, Sopron, along the Austrian-Hungarian border. The site is also known for the Pan-European Picnic, that meant a milestone to the German reunification