Dr Margaret O'Callaghan

Dr Margaret O'Callaghan

Senior Lecturer in Politics
(PhD Cambridge)

Contact Details
Room 023.02.008
tel: ++44 (0) 28 9097 3657
email: m.ocallaghan@qub.ac.uk

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Convenor: The Politics of Irish Literature; Irish Politics; Republic of Ireland (MA module)

Teaching Areas

Irish history and politics, British high politics, politics of Irish literature.

Research Interests

My early work concentrated on the politics of cultural identities in the Irish Free State after independence, particularly the legacies of the pre-independence cultural agenda on state formation. My reading of the construction of an official identity through language and religion partly shaped subsequent debates on the period. I then looked at the politics of Ireland in the 1880's and the nature of the relationship between parliamentary nationalism, nationalist violence and the British state through a structural reading of the nature of information transmission between a highly centralized and reporting constabulary, Dublin Castle and the cabinet in London. This brought together areas normally discretely examined- British high politics, monthly police reports, the political organizations of Irish landlords, nationalist rhetoric, agrarian violence, Unionist organization. I am particulary interested in the 'Parnellism and Crime' episode and more widely in British Conservative strategies in relation to Irish nationalism in the period . My work offers a new way of theorizing the role of the state in Ireland under the Union. 

I was awarded, with Professor Mary Daly of UCD a major research grant by the Republic of Ireland  North South Research Programme for Collaborative Research 2003-2006.  The project resulted in a jointly edited book, published by the Royal Irish Academy; also in independent work by the postdoctoral researcher and graduate student who worked on the project (Dr Catherine O’Donnell and Dr Rebecca Graff McRae in Belfast).  I am engaged in further work on the politics of commemoration.

I have published essays on republicanism, partition, propaganda wars in nineteeth century Ireland, Roger Casement, Tom Kettle.

I have supervised numerous masters students and over ten doctoral students on topics ranging from the politics of Irish literature, Articles 2 and 3 of the Irish constitution, remembering and forgetting 1916, the career of John Hume, the politics of the SDLP, the politics of Conor Cruise O’Brien, internment, British government policy and the ‘Troubles’, British government policy in Ireland from the late eighteenth century.

I am currently writing a book on the politics of Irish literature.